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Builders’ Supplies Limited



Building Supplies
Building Supplies
Commercial Piping
Insulation Materials

Industrial and Commercial Building Supplies in
Toronto, CA

At Builders’ Supplies Limited, we are committed to bringing the highest-quality building materials to Toronto and the surrounding area. We are trusted wholesalers and distributors of building materials in the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets, and are well versed in the needs of the acoustical and partition trades. We at Builders’ Supplies Limited pride ourselves with our dedication and commitment to you and all our customers. We have been a reputable and established company since 1933, serving Toronto and its neighbouring cities for over 85 years. Setting us apart from our competition with our decades of experience and dedication, we have proudly earned the reputation of providing high-quality products and materials, as well as reliable and excellent customer service. You can trust our expert and experienced staff will cater to all your needs and supply you with the very best of building materials. At Builders’ Supplies Limited, we are proud to have a wide and diversified customer base. Over the years, we have supplied numerous contractors and builders with our quality products. Whether you are a subcontractor or developer, Builders’ Supplies Limited will satisfy all your building supply needs.

Top quality construction supplies

Our team at Builders’ Supplies Limited provides you with only the best quality products from the best suppliers in the industry. We can fulfill all your construction and professional repair needs. With a wide range of brands and products, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Builders’ Supplies Limited proudly carries numerous leading industry brands, and we are supplied by some of the best building and material companies in North America. Our highly trained and skilled team can assist you in finding all the materials that you may need for your construction and repair projects. Choose from our variety of supplies, and pick the best materials for you and your project.

Building supplies for all your professional repairs and construction

Where to find Builders’ Supplies Limited

Builders’ Supplies Limited conveniently has two locations in Toronto and one in Cambridge, ensuring that you are never far from our services. Our Toronto locations are in Mississauga and Scarborough, and our Cambridge location is on Sheldon Drive. To ensure ease when purchasing our materials, we provide not only customer pick-up at our locations, but also delivery within a 100-mile radius of all of our locations. Our trained and supervised delivery crew safely and reliably delivers your materials to your location. Your purchase experience has never been more streamlined and seamless. Trust that our experienced and helpful staff will enhance your experience with us, and know that you will receive not only the best customer service, but also the best materials and supplies.

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Mississauga Yard
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Scarborough Yard
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Cambridge Yard
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